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From both morphological and lithographical viewpoints Saint-Amour is both complex and varied. Here, there are several geological units to be found before getting to piedmont and alluvium formations.


On either side of the granite and its sandy – or even sandy-clay – soils, meta-diorites and meta-basalts (here called ‘Pierres Bleues‘ or blue stone) are mixed in other more grey-pink siliceous looking rocks.


Though these soils are really diverse, together, they create a strong and recognisable identity.


Saint-Amour is the Cru with the highest proportion of piedmont and ancient alluvium, covering a little over half of the vineyard. The soils are quite varied and often very stony.


Surface area: 320 hectares (790 acres)


Average height above sea-level: 280 metres (920 feet)

LIEUX-DITS or named areas

En Paradis

À la Folie

Côte de Besset

Les Ravinets

Hameau des Billards

Vers l’Église

Aux Terres de Guinchay

Clos du Chapitre

La Pirolette

Au Breuil


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